Earthing Electrodes

Earthing Electrodes

The company has carved a niche for itself as a Manufacturer and Supplier of Earthing Electrodes in the Hoshiarpur. Marketed under the brand name EARTH SURE EARTHING ELECTRODES, these Earthing Electrodes are widely popular among the clients. The most important aspect in electrical industry is to provide the effective earthing and these Earthing Electrodes are capable to eliminate electrostatic discharge to save the sensitive equipments and to avoid disturbance in power supply. The Earthing Electrodes are known for providing highly efficient earthing that ensures the safety of human life as well. The Earthing Electrodes are available with customized designs having the company logo. The Earthing Electrodes it can be obtained in both G.I and Copper with durable packaging.

Minimum Order Quantity : 25 units

Working Of Earthing Electrodes

  • Employs hot dipped tubes galvanized from inside and outside
  • Hot dipped galvanized strip in G.I. Pipe is used as primary electrode and it helps in smooth flow of current.
  • G.I. Pipe is secondary electrode and filled with a special compound which has conductive and non-corrosive elements which helps longer life of electrode.
  • G.I. Strip which ensures effective earthing is provided with earthing terminals directly.
  • The Earthing Electrode have benefits of both strip and pipe earthing.

Why Earthing Electrodes?

  • Have a longer life compared to conventional earthing
  • Longer and effective earthing is being maintained by earthing powder which surrounds earthing electrodes having hygroscopic and conductive qualities
  • Earthing powder absorbs and retains moisture contents for a longer period
  • Low resistance value ensures safe and sound earthing

Sectors Served

  • Transmission and distribution networks
  • Transformer Earthing (neutral Earthing)
  • Telecommunication towers
  • Body Earthing of machines
  • Lightning Arrestor Earthing
  • Computer labs and networks earthing
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Public places, hospitals, schools, multiplexes, malls etc.
  • Domestic electrical systems
  • Power generators and substations

Raw Material Used : Hot Dipped G.I Pipe and Strip,Backfill Earthing Compound

Special Features

  • Meets the IS 3043-1987 requirements
  • Longer life as compared to conventional earthing
  • Chemical surrounding the electrode has hygroscopic and conductive qualities.
  • Chemical absorbs and retains moisture contents for a longer period.
  • Low resistance value ensures safe and sound earthing

Sizes available

  • For 2 mtrs. Earthing : 1 Bag
  • For 3 mtrs. Earthing : 2 Bags

How to Install

  1. Select clayey or highly humid soil to install the Earth Sure Electrode.
  2. Dig a hole of 6"-8" diameter upto 2 or 3 metres deep depending on the length of the electrode.
  3. Place the Earth Sure Electrode in the centre keeping the terminal on the top.
  4. Fill the surrounding area of Earth Sure Electrod with Earth Sure Backfill compound mixing with sufficient quantity of water.
  5. For normal conditions 1 bag of backfill compound with 2 mtrs earthing and 2 bags of backfill compound with 3 mtrs earthing is recommended.
  6. Connect the earth wire of the system or equipment to the terminal of the electrode.
  7. Cover the earth terminal with some lid.
  8. Do proper watering for a few days.
  9. Please remove the packaging from the electrode before installation.


Product code G.I/COPPER Pipe Outer Dia & Length Approx. Load Approx
VR2M50 46-50mmx2mtrs.
VR3M50 46- 5Ommx3mtrs.
VR2M80 76-80mmx2mtrs.
VR3M80 76-80mmx3mtrs.


Conventional Method Earth Sure Earthing
No specific attention paid to the dimensions and quality of G.I pipe used. Earth Sure Electrode employs the use of hot dipped G.I pipe both from inside and outside.
The benefit is of singular nature i.e either pipe earthing or strip earthing. It has the benefits of both pipe and strip earthing.
The use of salt and charcoal has adverse effects on the pipe as it corrodes the pipe. Our method employs the usage of special backfill compound that is more efficient than the salt-charcoal mixture and non corrosive.
In adverse weather conditions there is a need to maintain the low resistivity value by adding water from time to time. The backfill compound used by us has hygroscopic properties which retains the moisture for a long time, thereby reducing the need of adding water externally.
Has poor performance when It comes to the elimination of static charges. The dual nature of our earthing ensures the elimination of these static charges.
This method needs timely replacements to ensure the constant effectiveness of the earthing. Our method is long lasting and trouble free without any compromise whatsoever in the efficiency of earthing.
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